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It has come once again like clockwork, that time of year in which I post less and less frequently.  Then I wake up one day and feel the need to say good bye until June.  So — Have a splendid spring/beginning of summer and I’ll catch you all again in July!



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Thanksgiving Themed Favorites? Pumpkin, Macintosh Apple, & Turkey

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1.  Baked Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes, The Craving Chronicles  2.  Pull-Apart Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Bread, Sunny Side Up in San Diego  3.  Pumpkin Gingersnap Parfait, The Family Kitchen  4.  Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes, A Beautiful Mess Blog

1.  13 inch MacBook Bag, BagyBag on Etsy 2.  Elasty, Yanko Design  3.  iPad Stand Magnetic Wood, Your Nest Inspired on Etsy  4.  DG Aztec No. 1, society6  5. iWooly for iPad2, The Good Flock

1.  Oludeniz Beach, Turkish Beaches  2.  Coastal Turkey, HD Travel Pics 3.  Cappadocia, Amazing Journey  4.  Sultanahmet Mosque, Turkey

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First 12 by 2012 Complete!

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I am proud and excited to say that I have crossed off my first of twelve desire to-do’s before 2012 and boy does it feel good.  Yesterday I completed the Universal Studios Backlot‘s WeSPARK 3rd Annual 5k Run!  With little training and a ridiculously early start for this non-morning person, I finished strong.

Over the hills and through the sets we ran — past The Great Outdoors, The Jaws lake, Indian Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Austin Powers, Home Alone 2, Back to the Future, Creatures from the Black Lagoon, Wisteria Lane, Leave it to Beaver, the Psycho House, Doctor Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat and War of the World.

Creatures of the Black Lagoon

Home Alone 2

Back to the Future Town Square

Wisteria Lane

Psycho House

As my legs are growing tired I came up on the War of the World’s set, which looks like a town in total disaster.  A 747 is cut in half and cars, playgrounds, debris are everywhere.  I am no longer thinking about the 2.8 miles I have come or the distance I still have left to conquer, but rather the fact that I am running through this bizarre place!

War of the Worlds

Finally after traveling from set to set — mostly reliving my favorite childhood movies the 5k was over just like that.  I had knocked one 12 before 2012 off the list!

Finish Line

Race Completed!

Updated 12 before 2012!

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12 Desire To-Do’s Before 2012!

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Bloggers have united to encourage and inspire one another to accomplish 12 things on their never-ending to-do or desire-to-do lists before 2012!  Thanks to Danni at oh, hello friend I am buzzing on actually getting somethings accomplished not in the New Year, but before it!  I have and will probably always have a vast list of things I want or wish to do someday, but why not commit to checking some off the list in the next 7 weeks.  Well here it goes!

resolutions 2012 What’s on your list to accomplish before 2012?  Take action.


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Stopping in to say a quick hello

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I am simply stopping in to post a quick hello — basically to let you all know I am still alive!  It has been an insane 2 weeks and it feels as though it is getting crazier!  I have a ton to write about, but no time to write!

Things to look forward to:

  • Saturday & Sunday – Los Angeles Food & Wine!!!!!  (I am not sure I have ever been so excited!)
  • Sunday evening – directly from the last Food & Wine event, I will boarding a Virgin Atlantic non-stop flight to London to work our Brand Licensing Europe trade show.
  • Friday, October 21st — my birthday — myself and a friend will be boarding yet another plane from London this time and no not heading home — but rather to SPAIN!!  Madrid is where we will spend 5 miraculous days sightseeing, eating, shopping and visiting Chris and I’s friends that we met in Thailand!
I will be sure to post a soon as humanly possible!
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This Weekend: In Los Angeles

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Thursday, August 18th

SUNSET STRIP MUSIC FESTIVAL (Aug 18th – 20th)  This three day music festival will be tribute to Motley Crue, taking place at some of WeHo’s most ledgendary music venues.  The festival will kick off Thursday & Friday night with live performances at 5 different venues on the Sunset Strip.  Saturday the music heads from the venues to the street with performances by MOTLEY CRUE, BUSH, PUBLIC ENEMY, MATT & KIM, ESCAPE THE FATE, THE DIRTY HEADS, COBRA STARSHIP, SHE WANTS REVENGE, BLACK VEIL BRIDES, TRIBAL SEEDS, + 50 bands.

Tickets: Range from $55 – $120.  Click Here to check it out!  Where:  West Hollywood

Friday, August 19th, 2011

OUTDOOR FILMS @ LACMA – THE TIM BURTON SERIES  Summer evenings in Hancock Park watching Tim Burton movies for FREE!  Bring your blankets, your snacks, and your pillows.  This weekends movie is none other than Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  

Cost:  Free  Where: Hancock Park, Dorothy Collins Brown Ampitheater - 

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

BE-BOPPIN’ IN THE PARK  Join over 15,000 vintage car lovers for a night of cars, music, and good food.  Live performances by The Painkillers and The Amazing Wildcats.

Cost: Free Where: Magnolia Park in Burbank

WORLD GYOZA EATING CHAMPIONSHIP The summer hot dog eating contests at Coney Island are a thing of the past, this weekend in downtown LA’s Little Toyko, speed-eaters will take down 231+ of small dumplings known as Gyoza in 10 minutes!  The contest is part of the Nisei Week Japanese Festival.  

Cost: Free  Where:  Japanese American Cultural & Community Center  When: 1:30pm

TASTE OF BREWS  A day of more than 100 beers from over 50 local, regional and international brewers with gourmet beer munchies from gastropubs around the county.  The all-inclusive price gets you unlimited beer tastings, free food samples, live music, and free giveaways!

Cost:  $45  Where:  Lighthouse Park, Long Beach  When:  1:00pm – 4:00pm

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

BEER GARDEN & WHOLE ANIMAL ROAST  Tender Greens Hollywood is hosting a day of beer and spicket roasted lamb.  Tender Greens is taking it on to roast a different whole animal once a month.  

Cost:  $35 per person  Where:  Tender Greens, Hollywood  When:  5:00pm – 9:00pm

GOURMET MUSIC CARNIVAL  Food Trucks offering up Mac ‘n’ cheese, sliders, red velvet cupcakes can be devored while listening to local bands like The Hangman and Broken Numbers.  Vendors will be selling crafts, jewelry, vintage wares and art!

Cost:  $12/$16 per person  Where:  LA State Historic Park  When:  11:00am – 7:00pm

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Legendary Food Rivalries – NYC & Philly

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In New York it’s pizza.  In Philly it’s a cheesesteak.  Seemingly every great city has it’s food rivalries and every local has his or her favorite.  How is anyone suppose to decide where to eat pizza in Manhattan when a simple google search (places = pizza+restaurant+new york, NY) turns of 81,300 pizza places!  Or the fact that every corner shop claims to be “The Original”, yet walk two blocks and you find — yet again, another “The Original”.

Having spent some time in these two metropolis destinations and being the food obsessed girl I am, I have a few hints.

Grimaldi’s vs. Lomardi’s (Infamous New York Brick Oven Pizza Rivalry)

Still fighting for the title of “The First Pizza in New York City” is the rival between Grimaldi’s & Lombardi’s.  Sometime in the year of 1905 these two establishments opened their doors baring a product that had not yet been introduced to the New Yorker.  As year’s past and the New Yorker’s heart for pizza grew big the argument for being the first boiled.  Honestly, I don’t think it’s ever been decided and the two legendary pizza joints will live on with their versions of “how it all happened”.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Grimaldi's Under the Brooklyn Bridge

Grimaldi's Margherita Pizza

If you venture to the original Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn Bridge you will not be disappointed.  A hint of old New York flows through the door with the sounds of Frank Sinatra and a sign that is posted on the door “NO SLICES”.  At Grimaldi’s they serve pizza as they do in Italy, by the pie.  They take pride in the use of fresh ingredients and claim their Margarita (a simple invention) is the best pie on the menu.  The restaurant is small and they and the original coal-oven heats the place up and emits a constant wave of fresh tomatoes, basil & garlic. Oh yeh — and the pizza.  Words cannot describe the melt in your mouth deliciousness that is a Grimaldi’s pizza.  I dare you to try…

Location:  Under the Brooklyn Bridge at 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Lombardi’s Pizzeria

Lombardi's 1905 dated Pizza Oven

Lombardi's Margherita Pizza

Located on the island of Manhattan, Lombardi’s Pizzeria, still cranks pizzas out everyday from their original oven built-in 1905.  The pizza joint at one time was practically a small narrow hallway, perhaps 12 feet wide — today they have expanded to the neighboring spaces.  You wind you way through door after door in awe of just how many rooms of people with sauce dribbling down their chins there are in this place.  The pizza sauce is sweet, the cheese is cooked perfectly and the pizza is served piping hot.  My only down side of the experience was that it felt touristy.

Location:  Corner of Spring and Mott Street just outside of Little Italy

Geno’s Steaks & Pat’s Steaks vs. Jim’s Steaks

An ancient rivalry exists between two legendary cheesesteak joints, Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s Steaks, years of battle have taken place in who has the brightest lights, the longest lines, and the freshest bread.  Both places are a must try once in my opinion if you live in or are visiting Philadelphia.  It is rumored to be best late in the night after a few drinks — the people watching epic.

However a rivalry Geno’s and Pat’s is, in my mind they are one in the same.  So instead of fueling the fire, I place them both up against Jim’s Steaks on South Street.

Geno’s & Pat’s

Geno's vs Pat's

Situated on a two directly adjacent corners, Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s Steaks, seem to not only be in competition for the best cheesesteak but for the best curb appeal.  Geno’s is DECKED out with neon lights and adorned with mouthful of cheesesteak snapshots of celebrities from Nicholas Cage to Vanna White. Rumor has it, this is curb appeal and claim to fame is Geno’s effort to make up for the fact that Pat’s steaks are better.  Pat’s corner home does not sport a giant neon sign of a cheesesteak, but it appeals to a crowd of it’s own.  On any given night lines are down the block, and people are gorging on cheesesteaks.

Location: East Passyuck at the corners of 9th & Wharton, Philadelphia, PA

Jim’s Steaks

A cheesesteak from Jim's

Jim’s Steaks has been grilling up onions and serving cheesesteaks with wiz, to the greater Philadelphia area since 1939.  The menu is simple – cheesesteaks and hoagies.  In my mind what make’s Jim’s special is the bread, it soaks up the juices of the steak and onions, without the becoming the dreaded soggy bread that breaks at the seam.  The steak is good quality, the onions have been on the grill for what seems like hours and the lines are half that of Geno’s & Pat’s.

Locations: 400 South Street; 431 North 62nd Street; Bustleton & Cottman Avenues; 469 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA



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A Beer Induced Crawl in Northern Philly

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I know of only two types of Pub Crawls.  The first being the obvious — a rambunctious group of heavy drinkers looking for a night out on the town full of intoxicated conversations, full belly laughter, and a constant competition of who will be the last one standing.  I have seen these types of Pub Crawls all over the world, most of the time the target market is that of Americans, English, and Australians.  I will leave you to decipher your own reasoning why that is.  I have seen them in cities as far away as Rome to as nearby as Santa Monica.  Some have involved grown adults swerving around town on plastic Playskool trikes or a mob of people decked out in hideous light up Christmas sweaters in the middle of July.  Pub Crawl type one is the ridiculous.  The one that has a time and a place in every college students life — and in my opinion should stay that way.

 Pub Crawl type two is one with the anticipation of sampling and trying out several different watering hole establishments in one evening.  It lacks the competition of the first, but makes up for it in the quality of the liberation choices.  It can be commercially organized or arranged by an individual.  It is a gathering of friends and sometimes even family in an occasion of great foods, drinks, conversation, and exercise.  Exercise?  Okay, not quite, but its more fun to believe the prior scenario.  Type two seems to be less ridiculed by society and acceptable by most.

My most recent pub crawl (one of a type two nature) was in Philadelphia.  Our nation’s birth place, has been the home to big drinkers for several centuries.  Today pub crawls of both types can be enjoyed and hopeful conquered at establishments of all kinds throughout the cities plentiful neighborhoods.

Organized Pub Crawls in Philadelphia:

On Your Own Northern Liberties & Fishtown Crawl

Location of America's First Lager!

Northern Liberties is said to be home to “America’s First Lager” and they have a plaque placed within the neighborhood limits by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to prove it.  That being said what better place to begin.

The Abbaye

1.  The Abbaye

 The Abbaye is a bar of all bar’s.  A place that as you step through the door your instantly feel at home.  They primarily curate their beer selection with a focus on Belgian beers, but typically keep 6 or so taps open for regional favorites.

North 3rd's Eclectic Vibe

2.  North 3rd

A step up in expectations when entering North 3rd. The decor is random and eccentric, yet inviting and comfortable.  A paper mache eagle hangs over the bar reminding the patrons of their American Pride as they choose from a small but well thought-out list of beers.  A perfect place to sit outside on a summer’s night or kick back and watch a baseball game while feasting on some impeccable apps.

Standard Tap - Behind the Bar

3.  Standard Tap

A bar of all bars Standard Tap proudly only serves local craft brews — including 2 cask beers and 20 rotating taps — no bottled beer here.  Standard Tap’s philosophy of all things local not only applies to the beers but also to their menu and ingredients.  A hot spot for a connoisseur of beer.  A hearty local menu for a foodie.

Johnny Brenda's

4.  Johnny Brenda’s

Johnny Brenda’s is the Standard Tap for hipsters — all local craft brews, great food, with the addition of live music.  The live music draws a young crowd as does the atmosphere — dark wooden tables studded with LED lights, a giant digital iPod jukebox, and a vibe that tempts you to keep put all night long.

Frankford Hall Outdoor Beer Garden

5.  Frankford Hall

A step in a completely different direction from the previous bars, Frankford Hall, located in Fishtown, is Philadelphia’s largest beer garden.  A Stephen Starr, venture that is geared toward the serious and not so serious beer drinkers.  Frankford Hall is designed with reclaimed metal, giant glass garage doors open to reveal a giant courtyard complete with ping-pong tables and giant communal tables.

Frankford Hall has 9 taps composed of both traditional and craft German brews.  You are given the choice 12oz, .5 liter and 1 liter glasses, so you better come ready to drink your weight in beer.  However what’s a German beer garden without the brats!  No worries, Starr did not discount this tradition, diners can order at a walk up counter and take their seats to be served.  The brats are nothing other than superb, honestly the best I have ever had (I have not yet been to Germany).  The casing pops in your mouth, the mustard is not overpowering but rather a perfect complement. Oh and the sauerkraut!  Wow I just never knew.

Frankford Hall is an experience.  One to be enjoyed by all generations.  Next time you’re in Philly grab the whole family, all your friends — clink glass and cheers to good times.

View Northern Liberties/Fishtown Pub Crawl in a larger map


If you looking to include a little Northern Liberties sightseeing in your Bar Crawl, check out National Geographic Traveler’s Streets of Philadelphia On Foot.

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